Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation E-account: a Great Tool for Injured Workers

There’s nothing worse than wondering about the status of your workers’ compensation claim.  In years past, once a claim disappeared into the bureaucracy, it was hard to know the status of it. Now, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation offers personal, secure information about your individual claim.  Knisley Law Offices wants you to know how to sign up and use this great resource.

First Time Filing for Social Security Disability? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Filing for Social Security Disability can be confusing, intimidating and even a bit embarrassing.  The terminology and process can confuse anyone.  Knisley Law Offices wants you to know some of the basics you’ll need to file for SSDI. Knowing these basics will help take some of the stress out of the process, as well as, make sure you understand what the Social Security Administration needs to complete your case.

Workers’ Compensation 101: How to Successfully File a Claim

They say, “knowing is half the battle.”  With workers’ compensation claims, knowing how and when to file is close to the whole battle – if not the war!  Knisley Law Offices can help you process your claim, but we are also here to help you know how and when to take the first steps – getting medical attention, notifying your employer and seeking legal advice.  Here’s a helpful introduction to getting started with the process.

5 Most Common Reasons Social Security Claims Are Denied

5 Most Common Reasons Social Security Claims Are Denied

Filing a Social Security Disability claim can be an intimidating process.  Even if you do everything right, your claim can still be denied.  Only about one third of initial claims are approved.  Knisley Law Offices wants you to know some of the most common reasons Social Security denies claims, what you can do to give your initial claim the best shot, and also how to fight a denial and win on appeal.